Saturday, May 4, 2013

Africa Painting....Inspiration: Cat Painting

Well, it was around Christmas time that I decided to finally make the art project I've been meaning to for my roommate. Se went to Africa a few years back and spent about 3 months in Uganda, so I wanted to make this for her but I couldn't find the right media. I didn't want to do it on canvas, or when I found the cat picture painted on to a wood board with the wood was destiny!

1. I gessoed over the cat (poor baby!)
2. Then cut out a stencil of Africa from a Honey Nut Cheerios box and sponge painted green acrylic paint around it.
3. Then I did a little sponge painting using letter stencils to get the quote on there.
4. I cut out a heart around a map of Uganda.
5. Hot-glued the map just in the center, then nailed it to the wood. Voila!

She cried when I gave it to her, so I'm pretty sure she loved it! :)

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